Steel Division

  • We make major transformations, extensions and repairs to hulls and ship structures. Repair of damaged ships.
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement services are carried out on the plates of the hull of the vessels.SOLDADOR
  • We have sophisticated programs for the graphic design of boats.
  • We provide integral service in the interior adaptation for small and medium size boats.
  • Automated system for high precision cutting of parts and ship parts, which facilitates the cutting operation in an automated and precise way, developing more complex figures and reducing times in the process.
  • Cutting of steel plates with submerged plasma arc torch.
  • Pressing of sheets of different thicknesses.
  • Different types of parts are manufactured: folded or pre-fabricated up to 1 “.
  • We perform all types of welding: tungsten and inert gas (TIG); MIG welding and MAG arc welding.
  • The steel works are estimated by the technical specifications issued by the customers to subsequently calculate the men’s hours, equipment and equipment required on the job as the customer requires.
  • We work with naval steel, aluminum, stainless steel of different thicknesses.
  • We have steel, copper, bronze and aluminum welders qualified by Lloyd’s Register, ABS, Mil Standards, NavShips.
  • We provide quality service to our customers.