Mechanical repairs

repa_mecanica• Assembly, dismantling and maintenance in: valves, pumps, winches, filters, vents, pre-rollers, fire cannons, hydraulic motors, hydraulic jacks, grids.

• Disassembly, assembly and maintenance of propeller system fixed pitch, variable pitch, schottel (technical support).

• Propeller system alignment.

• Deflection and alignment of the tunnel of the axles, adjustment of horns. Arming of hydraulic jacks, main feather boring.

• Work with lathe, milling machine and auxiliary equipment (machining, grinding and construction of parts).

• Welding work.

• Dismantling, assembly and maintenance of the steering system (palatimon, servo motor).

• Dimensional check of the propeller system.

• Checking the lines and bearings, valve maintenance (adjustments, set up and alignment).