Our facilities have maintenance services at all docks and stalls.

  • Treatment of live work, tanks, caves, chains and anchors.
  • Renewal of plates, hulls in steel, aluminum, wood and fiberglass.
  • Maintenance of bottom valves, line of shaft, chain and system of bollards.
  • Lodging, enlistment and hotel: cabins, kitchen, cellars, pantries, nursing and cameras.
  • Construction of structures and components for heavy industry.
  • Compressed air up to 120 psia.
  • Water service for fire control (5,000,000 liters of fresh water and 6,000,000 liters Salad).
  • Transport for workers.
  • Water service for system cooling.
  • All docks have gas and oxygen service.
  • 24 hours continuous with firefighters and environment.
  • Electrical plant that guarantees continuous work.
  • Power supply to boats.
  • Tire traction test for tugs up to 100 tonnes.
  • Certified by Lloyd Register.
  • Service of alignment of shafts and machines through the Estacion Total equipment, brand Leica. Surveillance.
  • Collection of solid and liquid wastes (RASDA certified companies). PDVSA certified welders. First aid and ambulance.


Quay, Syncrolift and Dock
Tools and Equipment
Naval repair
Naval Building
Project Design
Heavy industrial metallurgy