Mechanical metal


At Dianca we have excellent work teams to provide you with the necessary support in heavy industrial constructions with special steels.

We offer:

  • Pipeline spool manufacturing.
  • Mounting of pipes.
  • Manufacture and assembly of tanks.
  • Pressure vessels: Thick sheet, ASME stamp.
  • Manufacture of tanks of high thicknesses and diameters, atmospheric storage according to API standards.
  • Complete sand blasting and / or coating processes.
  • Manufacture of heavy, medium and light structure, bolted and / or welded structures, tubular structures, ducterias, among others.
  • Manufacture of pipe racks.
  • Manufacture of steel boards for railway bridges and viaducts.
  • Packaged equipment: manufacture of multi-port valve skids for gas and crude handling, supply and installation of valves and instrumentation.
  • Prefabricated pipes for various types of industrial plants.
  • Prefabricated expansion yokes.
  • Prefabricated pipes made of carbon, stainless and alloy steel.
  • Jackets and top slides for offshore operation platforms.
  • Manufacture of fountains, columns and shirts for pilots.